37th ARC - Racing and the Art of the Written Word

This year’s 37th Asian Racing Conference will celebrate the best of racing's literature in a feature session showcasing the art of the written word.

The session will step away from the day-to-day business of racing and take us on a journey where our sport connects with popular culture. Some of the best storytellers who have taken racing as their muse will be interviewed and enjoyed.

The Asian Racing Federation is pleased to announce that The Australian newspaper's literary editor and film critic, Mr Stephen Romei, will moderate the session.

Romei is a racing enthusiast, and is a regular guest on, and contributor to, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Hoof on the Till” radio program, hosted by Helen Thomas and Max Presnell.
Romei will lead our participants, including multiple award-winning racing journalist and author, Mr Chris McGrath, through discussions and presentations on recent highlights in racing literature.