Racing in Thailand began over a century ago. In 1890, when an English man by name of Franklin Hurst submitted a request to rent a piece of land in Sra Pratum to hold occasional horse racing, gymkhanas, cycle races, etc. In 1892, Mr Hurst was granted the lease of land, which would become known as the Royal Racing Course, and started operation. Several years later, Mr Franklin Hurst ended such activities.

Later on, a group of gentlemen led by Mr A.E Olaroffsky sumitted a request to King Rama the Fifth to seek His Majesty's approval to establish a club in Bangkok for the purpose of improving the standard of horse breeding, the holding of race meetings and other sports. On 6 September 1901, King Rama the Fifth granted the Royal Charter, which gave birth to the Royal Bangkok Sports Club. The King also instructed the Club to obtain, by taking a lease or by any other means, the piece of land known as the Royal Racing Course as the site of the Club. That piece of land is still the site of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club today.

In the beginning years, the Royal Bangkok Sports Club held 3 races per year. It now holds 26 race meetings per year while the only other racetrack in Bangkok, the Royal Turf Club (established 1961) holds another 26 race meetings.

Name of Racing Authority: The Royal Bangkok Sports Club

Postal Address: 1 Henri Dunant Street, Bangkok 10330

Tel: (66)2 652-5000 Fax: (66)2 255-1429


Chairman: Mr Udomsak Ujjin

General Committee:

Chairman: Pol. Maj. Gen. Vorawat Kunjara

1st Vice-Chairman Assoc.: Prof. Manop Bongsadadt

2nd Vice-Chairman: Mr Leslie Vize


M.L. Anuporn Kashemsant

Mr. Bhumindr Harinsuit

Mr. Dnuja Sindhavananda

Mr. Peter Feddersen

Mr. Simon Hurst

Mr. Ian McLean

Mr. Satish Sehgal

Mr. Ake Slottenhem

Mr. Suthep Suebsantiwongse

Racing Committee:

Chairman: Mr. Noraseth Pathmanand

1st Vice-Chairman: Sub. Lt. Yong Prichacharn

2nd Vice-Chairman: Dr. Vichit Yamboonrunag

Secretary: Ms. Montip Eiamsamarng

Members: Mr. Boonyen Chiraphanda

Khun Damrongchai Amatyakul

Admiarl Pirachitra Surakkhaka

Mr. Peter J. Van Haren

Mr. Surachai Jivamongkol

Mr. Suthep Rangchaya

Dr. Termket Suvarnasara

Mr. Atthapit Na Nakorn

Hon. Secretary Mr Punjaroon Jariyanuntanate

Chief Executive: Mr Staporn Sirisinha

Totalisator Manager: Mr Sidhidej Piboontum

Finance Controller: Mr Somching Rowornsujaritkul

Contact for Overseas Liaison / Information: Mr Damrongchai Amatyakul,

Tel: (66) 2 652 5000 - ext. 142, Fax: (66) 2 255 1429, email:

Regional Racing Authorities:

Army Sports Club, Col. Sanong Pinitcredit, Fort Suranaree, A Muang, Thailand, Tel: (66) 44 243716, Fax: (66) 44 243716;

Khonkaen Sports Club, Mr Viroong Phibal, Chairman, 404 Mitraparp Road, T Muangkao, A Muang, Khonkaen 4000, Thailand, Tel: (66)43 225225, Fax: (66)43 225224;

Chiangmai Racecourse, Fort Kavila, A Muang, Chiangmai 50000, Thailand, Tel: (66) 53 221974

Udorn Thani, Mr Viboon Losrithong, 333 Soi Roongruang, Udornsakol Road, Nongbua, A Muang, Udorn 41000, Tel: (66) 42 241109.

Roi-Et: Mr Tanasak Taechamamhasaranond, 141/10-11 Patamanond Road, A Muang, Rol-Et 45000, Tel: (66) 43 515 427.


Racing Season : From 1 August To 31 July

Number of Racecourses 7

Number of Fixtures 6 at RBSC and RTC only

Number of Races 500 (RBSC and RTC only)

Number of Runners 2010

Number of Horses in Training 970

Number of Trainers 300

Number of Jockeys 350

Number of Owners 214

1.King's Cup (H'Cap) Domestic Feb 1,625,000 RBSC
2.Chakri Cup Domestic April 1,345,000 RBSC
3.Queen's Cup Domestic August 1,245,000 RSBC
4.Derby Cup Domestic January 1,880,000 RTC
5.President Cup Domestic June 825,000 RTC
6.Ramraghob Domestic November 825,000 RTC

Total Prizemoney (Local Currency - Baht)

104,552,370 - Provided by Racing Authorities

1,000,000 - Provided by Owners in Entry Fees

Average Prizemoney Per Race (Total) - 402,125

Exchange Rate to US$: 42,10

Betting Totalizator Yes Off Course No
Bookmakers No Off Course No

Total Betting Turnover / Year - 35.1 Billion

On Course - 35.1 Billion

Principal Bet Types Win, Place

Betting Deductions Govt Tax (%) 16.15%

Retained by Authority (%) 5.35%


Total number of stud farms - 19

Total number of stallions - 48

Total number of mares - 1100

Total number of thoroughbred births / year - 140 (average)

The past year was again a gloomy year as racing continued its downturn that started in 1997 when the economic crisis began. The average attendance per race day four years ago was 24,000. This has now dwindled to around 13,000 whilst the betting turnover has dropped from an average of Baht 131 million to approximately Baht 70 million.

The main factors causing the decline were the high tax levied by the government, couple with the economic crisis from which Thailand has yet to fully recover.

The two racecources in Bangkok are required to pay a gambling tax at the rate of 10%, compared to 5% for provincial racecourses. Currently the RBSC deducts 22.54% from the combined total of win and place pools, pays government taxes of 17.64% leaving a balance of 4.90% to the Club before expenses.

Although the two racecourses in Bangkok had petitioned the former government to review the present tax structure and to permit more types of bet, the petition remained unanswered. The Club is now trying to negotiate with this new government, but it requires the right timing.

During the past racing season, 26 race meetings were held of which 25 meetings were conducted for Charities. The net departmental deficit was Baht 222,711. The proceeds of baht 21,372,379 and the owners' donations of Baht 7,332,498 were donated to The Red Cross Society, various foundations and hospitals.

Continuous decline in turnover and in the number of races resulted in the implementation of a Racing Enginnering plan. The following reductions for race day were implemented:

Currently the prizemoney and the operating expenses per race day are about Baht 6 million, compared to the average of Baht 8.3 million in the year 1998 and Baht 7.1 million in the first half of the past year.

Close cooperation with the Royal Turf Club of Thailand was maintained throught the year.

The Royal Bangkok Sports Club and the Royal Turf Club of Thailand jointly hosted the 28th ARC to be held in Bangkok from 10-18 November 2001, which coincided with the Centennial Celebrations of our Club.