Session 4

The Modern Elite Jockey – A Sports Medicine Perspective (Part A) and Vocational Training Masterclass (Part B)

May 15, 2018

Part A: “The Modern Elite Jockey – A Sports Medicine Perspective”, will explore the demands on professional jockeys and how sports medicine and sports science is changing training, and injury prevention and treatment.

Part B: “Vocational Training Masterclass” will look at how the professionalisation of racing continues to require that racing authorities enhance and develop the training they provide to participants and administrators. This session will see presentations from the experts in vocational training.


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YUNG Shu-hang, Patrick

Director, Hong Kong Centre for Sports Medicine and Sports Sciences

Amy Chan JP

Manager, Racing Development Board & Headmistress, Apprentice Jockey School, The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Grant Harris

Chief Executive, British Racing School