Session 8

Gene Doping and Veterinary Regulation

May 16, 2018

This session will include presentations on the critical threat of equine gene doping, and what it means for racing. The session will also bring equine veterinary and science specialists together to showcase some of racing’s latest and most significant research projects.


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Session 8A

Session Chair

Dr Makoto Inoue

Presidential Counselor for International Affairs, Japan Racing Association


Dr Kanichi Kusano

Manager, Administrative Division, Racehorse Hospital, Ritto Training Centre, Japan Racing Association

Dr Natasha Hamilton

Director of Equine Genetics Research Laboratory, Racing Australia

Dr Teruaki Tozaki

Technical Advisor, Laboratory of Racing Chemistry, Japan

Session 8B

Session Chair & Speaker

Dr Brian Stewart

Head of Veterinary Regulation, Welfare and Biosecurity Policy, The Hong Kong Jockey Club


Dr Tim Parkin

Head of Division of Equine Clinical Sciences, University of Glasgow

Dr Chris Whitton

Head of the Equine Orthopaedic Research Group, University of Melbourne

Dr HeeEun Song

Manager of Equine Medical Centre, Korea Racing Authority