Session 5

The Horse

February 16, 2023

The long-term success of racing depends heavily on the standards and approaches to the health, wellbeing and treatment of the sport’s equine athletes throughout their lives, and society’s acceptance of them. Promoting the fundamental importance of equine welfare, this session will examine key steps being taken in different jurisdictions – and what else can be done – to safeguard racehorses throughout their lives.

Amidst the backdrop of rapidly evolving social expectations around what constitutes good welfare practices, this session will also explore ways to drive behavioural change, innovative public engagement and promotion strategies, and cutting edge research which is paving the way for future generations.


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Greg Nichols

Director, Racing Australia

Josh Gibson

Host, Here For The Horses

Dr Denise Goodwin

Senior Research Fellow and Co-Director of Health Programs, BehaviourWorks Australia, Monash Sustainable Development Institute

Dr Grace Forbes

General Manager, Veterinary Services, Racing Victoria

Dr Christopher Riggs

Director, Equine Welfare Research Foundation and Chief Advisor, Mainland Veterinary Engagement, The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Hallie Hardy

Executive Director, Visit Horse Country Inc.