Session 8

The Shift

February 17, 2023

With blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and the metaverse becoming increasingly mainstream, sporting organisations are more actively engaging with the space and considering this new dimension as part of their long term media, technology and sponsorship strategies.  Importantly, it offers new digital opportunities for racing and other sports to engage Gen Z as the new wave of sports fans.

This session will examine the key trends in the intersection between sports and the new dimension, and how the next generation is expected to embrace these new offerings.  We will then explore opportunities for the racing industry and consider regulatory barriers hindering the application of these new technologies in sport.

This is a must-see session which will change the way you think about how sport can be consumed, both now and into the future.


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Gary Liu

Co-founder & CEO, Terminal 3
Founder & Director, Artifact Labs

Joan Norton

Senior Commercial Strategy Manager, Cricket Australia

Lisa Fitzgerald

Corporate Partner, Lander & Rogers