Surender Reddy

Surender Reddy

Chairman, Hyderabad Race Club & Chairman, Turf Authorities of India
Surender Reddy


Mr Surender Reddy Ramasahayam was born on the 10th of October 1931 in the erstwhile Nizam’s State, India. He studied a Bachelor of Arts.

Mr Surender Reddy was elected as Committee Member of Hyderabad Race Club (HRC) in 1974 and elected Chairman in the year 1976-77. In 1983, he was re-elected as Chairman of Hyderabad Race Club – a post he continues to hold to this day (over 37 years) and he is the longest-serving Chairman in the history of Indian Racing.

During his Chairmanship, the 24th Asian Racing Conference was successfully conducted for the first time in Hyderabad/Mumbai in the year 1995 and he had attended all the Asian Racing Conferences from the time he became Chairman of the HRC and also represented India four to five times as Chairman of the HRC.

Mr Surender Reddy has been the Turf Authorities of India's nominated representative on the ARF Executive Council since January 2010. In 2016, the 36th Asian Racing Conference was successfully conducted by the Turf Authorities of India in Mumbai.

Under Mr Reddy, Common Rules of Racing were framed in 1999 and are in force among all the Turf Authorities of India.

Mr Surender Reddy was elected as a Member of Parliament for four terms and also as Member of the State Legislature for four terms.

Additionally, Mr Surender Reddy was the Past Chairman of Andhra Pradesh State Finance Corporation and Director of Andhra Bank and also Past President of Hyderabad Cricket Association and Hyderabad Golf Association.