37th ARC - Cutting Edge Equine Veterinary Research to Feature at ARC

37th ARC - Cutting Edge Equine Veterinary Research to Feature at ARC

37th ARC - Cutting Edge Equine Veterinary Research to Feature at ARC

Delegates at this year’s 37th ARC will hear from some of the world’s leading experts on minimising injury risk to horses. The Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Head of Veterinary Regulation and Biosecurity, Dr Brian Stewart, will lead this session which will explore some cutting edge developments in global equine veterinary and biomedical research. This research will be presented by Professor Tim Parkin and Professor Chris Whitton.

Professor Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin is the Professor of Veterinary Epidemiology (Equine Clinical Sciences ) at University of Glasgow UK and is a Member of the Equine Injury Database Scientific Advisory Committee in the USA. Tim qualified from the University of Bristol with degrees in Zoology (1992) and Veterinary Science (1998). He immediately took up a position at the University of Liverpool and completed his PhD on the epidemiology of fractures in racehorses in 2002.

He has worked on numerous projects with several different racing jurisdictions around the world, and more recently worked closely with the FEI to maximise equine welfare at endurance events. He gained his Diploma of the European College of Veterinary Public Health in 2006 and has worked at the University of Glasgow since February 2007.

Professor Chris Whitton

Chris is a specialist in Equine Surgery and Head of Equine Centre, University of Melbourne. Chris leads the Equine Limb Injury Prevention Program at the University of Melbourne Equine Centre a multidisciplinary research program combining microstructural analysis, histopathology, biomechanics and epidemiology dedicated to developing preventative training and management protocols for racehorses.

He is also involved in the investigation and treatment of lame horses in his role as a specialist equine surgeon. Chris has worked between the United Kingdom and Australia, as a specialist surgeon and scientist. He has published 44 peer reviewed papers during his career and received over A$5.5 million in research funding.

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