55th International Conference – Racing’s Future in the Spotlight

55th International Conference – Racing’s Future in the Spotlight

55th International Conference – Racing’s Future in the Spotlight

The International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA) has launched the 55th International Conference of Horseracing Authorities.  Held virtually for the second consecutive year, the 2021 Conference examines global racing’s evolution and future challenges. The Japan Racing Association (JRA), also a member of the ARF, is the official partner of this year’s Conference.

The Keynote Speech was given by the recently-appointed IFHA Chair, Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges (also Chairman of the ARF) who succeeded Louis Romanet on 4 October.  The Conference focuses on topics including Digitalisation and Media, Equine Welfare and Climate Change and Sustainability and features the following speakers:

Digitalisation and Media
Michael Mulvihill - Executive Vice President, Head of Strategy and Analytics, FOX Sports

Equine Welfare
Jamie Stier - Chair, IFHA Horse Welfare Committee; Executive General Manager, Integrity Services, Racing Victoria
Di Arbuthnot - Chief Executive, Retraining of Racehorses; Chair, International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses

Climate Change and Sustainability
Dr Allen Hershkowitz - Founding Director and Chairman, Sports and Sustainability International; Environmental Science Advisor, The New York Yankees

The Conference concluded with a tribute to Romanet, who was appointed to the honorary position of Chairman Emeritus.

Video of the International Conference of Horseracing Authorities is available on the IFHA’s website and social media platforms. Podcasts of the speakers are also available.

The ARF is formally linked with the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA). Australia, Hong Kong and Japan have permanent seats representing the ARF on the Executive Council of the IFHA, and the ARF also nominates one of two rotational positions on the IFHA Executive Council.

Please click on the link for the IFHA’s announcement.


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