ARF Council State of Illegal Betting Report

The State of Illegal Betting

The State of Illegal Betting report outlines the current state of illegal betting markets on horse racing and other sports, and the future threats from illegal betting.

Key findings are that 61% of betting websites examined are effectively illegal in most countries and only 39% were licensed and regulated. In addition, betting licences issued in three jurisdictions, Curaçao, Malta and the Philippines, account for 62% of these websites that are effectively illegal in most countries.

ARF Council members have provided Commentaries for the report.

  • Tom Chignell reports on ‘White Labelling betting websites’ and how these obscure the difference between legal and illegal betting operators.
  • Tim Robinson, Catherine Ordway and Neil Grimstone provide an overview of issues around corruption in racing and other sports.
  • Graham Ashton explains organised crime involvement in illegal betting.
  • Claudio Marinelli shows how INTERPOL sees the relationship between illegal betting, sports corruption & organised crime.
  • Jack Anderson gives an update regarding notable developments in sports law relating to illegal betting.
  • Sally Gainsbury describes the relationship between illegal betting and problem gambling.

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Welcome Message from ARF Chairman

Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges GBS JP

Introduction of the State of Illegal Betting from ARF Council Chair

Martin Purbrick
Executive Summary

Key Findings

Section 1

An Analysis of Betting Websites

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Section 2

How Outsourcing in the Online Betting Supply Chain and ‘White-Labelling’ blurs the lines between Legal and Illegal Gambling

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Section 3

How the Use of Under-regulated and Unregulated betting websites is related to Gambling Problems

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Section 4

Observations on Developments in Corruption in Racing and Other Sports related to Illegal Betting

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Section 5

Why the threat to sport and legal betting from organised crime has never been greater

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Section 6

Notable recent sports law cases illustrating integrity issues related to illegal betting

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Section 7

Looking to the Future

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