Message from the CEO

Mr Chung Ki-Hwan, CEO, Korea Racing Authority

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest gratitude for the ARF’s support.

As the sole racing authority in Korea by law, the KRA has contributed to national finances through horse racing and has improved the horse industry in Korea for more than 100 years.

Since 2016, Korea’s horse racing has accomplished notable achievements such as being elevated to a Part 2 country by The International Cataloguing Standards Committee, and Korean racehorses have participated in the Dubai World Cup for the first time ever in Korean racing history.

With our continuous efforts, an increasing number of people in Korea are appreciating racing as a sport, a cultural activity and a social event. I have no doubt that Korea’s racing standard and international reputation will be enhanced in cooperation with the ARF. Meanwhile our endeavours to improve social welfare and fulfil our responsibility to local communities will continue in various ways.

However, just as other countries around the world are experiencing, horse racing in Korea is facing difficult challenges from various competitors such as the casino, other sports betting, online gaming and more. With these competitors very much on the increase, the KRA’s efforts will be focusing on overcoming the challenges ahead.  The KRA, which has emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, will accelerate its innovation with the goal of becoming a global Top 5 horse industry leader by producing the world's best racehorses and hosting international races successfully.

I hope this Member Profile will assist you in having a better understanding of the KRA and get closer to Korea’s racing.